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Bloxx shape
Paint area
all || none || flip
Max. bloxx size
paint Canvas color
Click on one of these colors to set the canvas color

By clicking the blue paint-button, the painting starts. Painting will continue until this button is released.

Edit painting directly
By clicking and dragging the painted boxes on the painting you can edit the painting to your liking. You can get rid of a single box, simply by moving it beyond the painting boundaries.

Optionally, you can enter a nickname which will be shown with your painting in the gallery. Don't use any weird characters (like quotes or slashes) in the nickname, because they will be ignored.

Bloxx shape
You can paint horizontal, vertical, square or randomly shaped bloxx by clicking the corresponding icon. Initially the shape is set to random.

Paint area
By clicking on each of the small squares you can select (gray) or deselect (white) that piece of the canvas. Only selected pieces get painted on. You can switch the grid from 3x3 to 4x4 or 5x5 to refine the selectable squares.

By holding down the CTRL- or SHIFT-key you can select multiple colors to paint with by clicking them with the mouse button.

Max. bloxx size
Move the blue pointer left or right to decrease or increase the maximal size of the painted blocks.

Canvas color
Click on the tiny canvas or the "change"-button to open the canvas color selection.

Resize canvas
By clicking and dragging the resize button at the bottom right of the canvas, you can resize it.

Save, clear and undo
You can save the painting, clear it or just undo the last paint action by clicking the relevant link at the top menu. After saving a painting you will be redirected to the gallery and your painting will be shown there (with the optional nickname you entered).

Gallery and Most viewed
To watch paintings others have made, go to the gallery or the "most viewed" page. Each painting has its own code you can paste in a webpage in order to show the painting in your website. You can also display random ploxx-paintings in your website with another line of code. To view the relevant codes, click the link "get the codes" in the gallery.

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